Wild Heart Tree Care was founded with the vision of providing excellent customer service in the care of their trees. The primary focus is in the fine, ornamental and structural pruning of young trees, and teaching clients about these living organisms that grow all around us so that they may have a deeper understanding of them and their needs.


Integrityto make the right, honourable choices in every aspect of all our conduct.

Courageto have the strength to make the tough decisions and confront difficulty.

Humilityto recognize personal limitations in knowledge and ability.

About the Owner

Robert Staal was raised in Navan, Ontario on a dairy farm, where he grew up with a strong appreciation for nature. After graduating high-school, he worked for yard maintenance, landscaping, and interlock companies before attending the Algonquin College Horticulture Technician program. Upon receiving his diploma, he realized his true love was for trees, and went to Fleming College’s Arboriculture Program, and graduated in 2014. He began work with a local, reputable company and experienced arborists as part of theĀ  Fleming co-op placement, and had been employed there until 2018 when he decided to begin his own venture. Currently he holds Journeyperson status as a qualified arborist through the Ontario College of Trades. (OCOT 16010953)

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