Wild Heart Tree Care cares about you and your trees! Whether there is a need for pruning, removal, or you’re just not sure what your tree requires, we are determined to give your trees the attention they deserve based on science, best practices, and your preferences.

Pruning to improve the structure, safety, longevity, and aesthetic value. The sooner proper pruning begins in the life of a tree, the greater its potential to have sound structure and live longer.

Removal when there are no reasonable alternatives. Some examples include:
– Grown too large for the space
– In steady decline, dying, diseased, infested
– Structural defects compromising its safety
– Extensive damage caused by construction, storm, etc
– Potential to damage underground structures (foundations, weeping beds, etc)
– Invasive or undesirable species

Stump Grinding to get rid of eye-sores, mounds, and tripping hazards, or to allow for new plantings or other projects.

Tree Planting to enjoy the many benefits they provide.

We carry WSIB and Liability Insurance coverage

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